I Might Need Help...

Wherever you find yourself on life's journey, you'll find a warm, comfortable, safe and confidential space to work through life's challenges, past hurts and current struggles. When life feels stressful, overwhelming and hopeless, we can work together to find hope and healing.

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We're Getting Married!

Get your marriage off to the best start, spend some time building the foundation or enrich your relationship, making it durable, vibrant and fulfilling through a customized experience with practical tools and personalized insights.

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My Child or Teen is Struggling...

Life can be overwhelming, stressful and tough. Find hope, insight and practical tools to feel empowered in your parenting, improve communication and build connection that will last. Teens face enormous pressures and challenges in our modern society; therapy can help them navigate through it to reach their potential.

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Who Am I?

Therapy isn't just about problems. Plenty of people access therapy to develop self-awareness, hone and develop skills, increase productivity and learn ways to become more effective in almost any area of life. Therapy can give you the insight and tools that will help you reach your potential. Learning how to use your unique personality style and natural skills can be an enormous asset at any stage of life.

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Our Marriage Needs Help...

Whether you've been married 6 months or 60 years, take time to work through conflicts or relationships crises and find hope, restoration and joy in your more important relationships.

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Looking for a Customized Workshop?

Workshops are tailored for the needs and interests of your group, church or organization. Topics may include marriage enrichment, parenting, mental health, relational or emotional issues, and other relevant themes related to social concerns.

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What is psychotherapy anyway?

People often have questions about, and reactions to, the term "psychotherapy." For some, it might be the associations with the prefix "psycho," while for others, it might just sound too ... clinical, and intimidating.

If you're curious, or contemplating counselling and psychotherapy, read on!

Here's what psychotherapy means: "Psycho" or psychological is often used to describe the mind; it comes from the Greek word psyche, which refers to the human mind, soul or spirit.

"Therapy" comes from the word "therapeia" which refers to treatment and healing.

In a nutshell, psychotherapy is the care of the soul. It's a process of understanding ourselves - our experiences, thoughts and emotions, and finding healing for the difficulties that life inevitably brings.

I hope this brief explanation helps defuse some common misconceptions about psychotherapy. Therapy is for everyone, whether your troubles are big or small! We can all benefit from some time with a trusted person to work through life's challenges - to care for our mind and soul and find healing, purpose, meaning and hope.

If you have other questions or want to schedule a consultation by phone or in person, why not get in touch today?

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